Early Childhood Development Program


The Early Childhood Development Certificate Level 1 and Diploma Level 2 Programs prepare
students for employment in Day Care Settings, Head Start programs and in Kindergartens as
well as in Primary School Classrooms as Assistants to classroom teachers. The training
includes, practical skill development in a practicum setting, as well as development of a
theoretical understanding of all aspects of child development from both a Cree Cultural
and an Academic knowledge base. Students will learn to care for and foster the wholistic
development of young children.

Program Purpose

With the increasing responsibility being taken for the education of their children by
First Nations comes the need for well trained, specialized personnel in Early Childhood Services.
Conducting this training within the community provides workers able to ensure the
enhancement of Cree language and culture in the child care facilities of the communities.

Program Goals

  • To provide First Nations people with the opportunity to develop advanced skills to
    provide effective Early Childhood Services
  • To provide students with the skills, knowledge and professionalism necessary to
    deliver Early Childhood programs and take responsibility for the care of groups of
    children of varying ages within a daycare, head start, kindergarten and or primary
    school facility
  • To provide this training within a Cree cultural framework
  • To provide a basis from which students may move on to advanced studies in the field
    of Early Childhood Development

Program Certification

Level 1:  E.C.D. 100 Course for Orientation Certication – Eligible for ECD Assistant from
Alberta Children and Youth Services

Level 2:  Early Childhood development Certicate
Eligibility for Level 2 ECD License from Alberta Children and Youth Services

Level 3:  Early Childhood Development Diploma
Eligibility for Level 3 ECD License from Alberta Children and Youth Services

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Level 2 are prepared for employment as a daycare supervisor in the child care
system. Level 3 Graduates are prepared for employment in a day care or head start
program, or as a teaching assistant in kindergarten and primary schools.

 Program Criteria

ECD Level 2 requires English 20-2
ECD Level 3 requires English 30-2 or equivalent

E.C.D. Schedule of Courses


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