University and College Entrance Preparation (UCEP)

As First Nations take increasing local responsibility, the need increases for people trained in a
variety of post-secondary studies to provide expertise to support the initiatives of these
Nations. The University/College Entrance Preparation (UCEP) Program is designed to enable
students to enter into post-secondary education with the assurance of success. The
opportunity to develop knowledge of community and world events and issues, and
encouragement to apply this knowledge as a contribution to community life, is part of the
preparation for future leadership.

Program Goals

1. To assist non-matriculated adults in acquiring the necessary skills to be successful in post-secondary programs of study
2. To provide a means for adult students to complete required courses for college or university entry
3. To give students an opportunity to learn about Cree language and culture and to interact with elders in this regard
4. To enable students to develop personally in a caring and culturally relevant atmosphere.

Program Overview

UCEP is an eight-month program in which students develop the skills necessary to be
successful in university or college studies. Students also complete one or two university
transfer courses. Students are given an opportunity to strengthen personal identity through
an introductory exploration of Cree culture and language. Additionally, students focus on
enhancing their English writing skills, reading comprehension skills, math skills and basic
computer skills. A workshop format is used to engage students in personal development
skills. Students also take an interdisciplinary studies course (IDS 100) where they learn
fundamental theories an perspectives of various academic disciplines and how these might
be applied to gain insight into community issues. This revised program has a strong emphasis
upon English and university level writing.

Admission Requirements

Students entering this program require a High School Equivalency Diploma. Any other form
of completion must be approved by the Dean of College Programs and the Registrar’s
ofce. All other mature students will be required to do an English assessment at a grade
eleven level. A Math assessment is required for correct placement in the college
mathematics program.

Note: UCEP requires dedication and commitment on the part of the student. Full time
attendance from the student is critical to a successful outcome.

Employment Opportunities

Upon completion of this program, students qualify for entrance into a university transfer
program or college certicate/diploma program at Maskwacis Cultural College. As well,
students will have developed skills and knowledge to prepare them for many entry-level

UCEP Model

UCEP Courses

CREE075 – Cree Language Development

CS101 – Our Cultural Heritage

ENGL90 – University and College Entrance English

MATH70 – Math Fundamentals

MATH80 – Introduction to Algebra I

MATH90 – Introduction to Algebra II

MATH91 – Math 30-1 (a)

MATH92 – Math 30-1 (b)

PAS97/98 – Personal and Academic Skills

PL217 – Personal Leadership